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Umbrel Labs provides tools to enhance your experience with Umbrel, and allows making your Umbrel even more powerful.
Disclaimer: This is not an official Umbrel page.
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We're already providing a few tools to improve your experience, and more are coming soon.


UmbrelInfo provides additional information about Umbrel and answers most of your questions. Not only does it help if you have problems with Umbrel, it also contains helpful information and links to guides to help you understand Bitcoin & Lightning. UmbrelInfo is available in four languages right now, but you can help making more available. While UmbrelInfo is not an official Umbrel page, UmbrelInfo is recommended on Umbrel's official page.
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Umbrel OS with desktop

Umbrel OS with desktop provides the PIXEL desktop on your node. This allows you to modify your node more easily and allows additional tools to be installed.
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Umbrel GUI

The Umbrel GUI allows you to display a QR code to connect to your node and also view the dashboard on a screen connected to your Pi. Requires Umbrel OS with desktop.
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Apps for Umbrel

We've helped build LndHub for Umbrel, which will release soon. We've also built a few other apps that we will release in the future.

Contributions to Umbrel

We're working together with Umbrel to improve your experience. We've made many improvements to Umbrel, which make your node faster, securer, and also provide new features.

Umbrel on Discord

We're providing a discord server about Umbrel, which is synched with Umbrel's official Telegram channel.
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Umbrel Labs Imager

This tool makes setting up your node easier than ever before.
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Partner project

German chat on Telegram

You can chat about Umbrel in German there.
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Coming soon

More tools

More tools are coming soon, check this page for the latest updates.
Thank you, Mayank and Luke